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Hey everyone! Today I have a tutorial on how I do my brows. I will be using my Anastasia of Beverly Hills brow kit, my Brow Wiz, and my highlighter pencil. You can use any brow powder, pencil, and highlighter. These are just my favorites.

 Start out with just your bare brow. Here's mine in their naked form. Excuse the undereye bags. Sleep has been scarce lately. Yay for sparse areas! 

The first thing I do is stick my finger into the wax to put into my brow. It's important to really work the wax into your brows. I like to push my brow hairs up and out towards my temples. You can use a spoolie to help you blend the wax if you really need to. I usually just use my finger.

The next step is to use an angled brush and your brow powder. Get some on the brush and get ready to mark the starting point of your brows. 

When I am marking the start of my brows, I line the angled brush up with the center of my nostril. Some people do it from the edge of their nostril on the outside of the nose. It's all personal preference. I had a makeup artist at Sephora tell me to go from the center, so that's what I do. Using the brush, make a little mark to show the start of the brow.

The next step is to mark the arch. My brows are naturally arched here, so I just go through the middle of my pupil to mark the spot. 

When you're done, your marks should somewhat resemble this shape above. 

I then reach for my high arch stencil from the kit. I would select whatever stencil your brow shape tends to lean towards. You can also use the stencils to help you shape your brows. 

When I'm using the stencil, I line up the dotted line with the mark I placed in my arch area. Then taking my angled brush and brow powder, I begin to fill in the lines within the stencil. Take your time with this step. You want your brows to be mostly filled in before we move to the next step.

After I've filled in the brows with the powder and stencil, it resembles the photo above. I don't worry too much about my original mark still showing at this stage. It will be cleaned up later.

The next product I use is my Anastasia Brow Whiz pencil. 

One end is a spoolie.

The other end is a retractable pencil.

Now, gently taking the pencil, I define the brow shape by filling in any sparse areas. I also define the front of my brows a little bit more. 

My brows look like this after using the pencil.

I think take the spoolie and blend everything together in my brows. I also make sure any hairs are staying in place.

I think it's important to blend the front of my brows to soften the look a little bit. 

I like to apply this brow highlighter pencil to make my arch stand out more.

Just run the pencil under your brows.

Here's the shape that I create with the highlighter. It really helps brighten up under the brow. It makes everything look more polished.

I blend it out with my finger.

After all those steps, this is the final result!

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