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Let's talk hair extensions today. I'm recovering from a lot of bleaching damage that I incurred from dyeing my hair lavendar last summer. I had to bleach my hair quite a lot to get it to hold onto the light purple dye. Retouching my hair dye up about once a month or so was really doing a number on my hair. As a result, I was forced to cut off most of the length I had acquired from growing out my pixie cut from a few years back. This really sucked and made me sad. I've been trying to grow my hair out for the last 6 months, but the process is slow moving and frustrating.

See, the issue is that I have really coarse, dry hair naturally. I can somewhat combat it with products, but at the end of the day that's just my hair texture. This makes my hair really hard to work with. Between the coarseness and the thickness, I was debating on chopping off all of my hair. I thought, "why not?" Then, I looked at some long hair inspiration on, where I realized I could just order some extensions to wear while I grow my hair out. 
After many hours of research, I came across the website I have shown above, Their brand had a lot of positive reviews online, so I figured I would give it a go. 

Their website had a lot of colors, thickness, and lengths to choose from. It was a little overwhelming, but Bellami made it a little easier by offering their free color matching service. You simply send them a photo in natural light of your hair and they will tell you what hair color is closest to your natural color. I promptly sent in a photo of my hair. I received a reply in 24 hours with the suggestion of the color #8 Ash Brown. 

The hair extensions retailed for $159.99 on Bellami's Website. This is the exact set that I purchased. The Bambina extensions are 20 inches long and are 160 grams. I went with this set because I figured it would look the most natural and be the most comfortable. I have fairly thick hair, but this set is a good thickness for my hair. 

The Bambina Set includes 10 pieces:

- 1 : 8” weft
- 1 : 7” weft
- 2 : 6”wefts
- 2 : 4” wefts
- 4 : 1.5” wefts

The Bellami Bambina set comes with two sections in the package - the top part which contains your actual extensions and a tester piece to check for a color match. You can open the bottom part and still be able to return your extensions if they do not match. If you open the top part; however, you will void your warranty and will thus be unable to return them.

I promptly took out the tester weft to see how the color was with my hair.

As you can tell in this photo that was taken in natural light, the color is pretty much spot on for me. This gives me faith in the ladies at Bellami who do the matching. They did a great job choosing this color for me. 

I was immediately impressed by how soft and smooth the extensions felt. They are definitely real Remy hair! 

Here's how they looked when I clipped in all 10 wefts with the hair straight. As you can tell, the color is pretty close! I didn't do the best job blending them into my short hair, but I'm sure I will get better at it. They looked so nice and made me feel like a thousand bucks. 

I've never had hair this long before, so it was truly an interesting experience. One thing I did notice is that the extensions tend to tangle. I just am sure to keep a comb with me to brush them out gently. I also noticed that my head would get a little tender after wearing these for the whole day. I'm sure I'll get used to that though.

On day 2 of extensions, I decided to try out a braid. I originally did a pony tail, but my short layers weren't blending in really well because I didn't put in enough extensions. I only had a couple wefts in, so they weren't blending that well. When I braided my hair, my shorter layers blended in just fine, so I just went with the braid. The Bellami Bambina extensions were really easy for me to braid, so that was a plus.

On the third day, I decided to try out my dry sponge curling rods that I purchased at Ulta. I'm still a little scared to use heat on the extensions, so I thought I would see how well they would curl with dry methods. I'm really impressed at how well the hair curls. The curls stayed in fairly well throughout the day. I used a very light hand with the hairspray.

Overall thoughts, I love how silky these feel. They are fairly comfortable to wear and I'm really loving having long hair!


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  1. Wow, that is absolutely amazing looking. I know this isn't related to extensions, but I have seen you with short hair on MUA for a long time and just love the way you look with long hair, it seems to suit you so well!

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips! I am sure they will really helpful!

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