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 For Christmas I purchased two palettes by the brand Sleek. This is a European brand, but you can order from their website here. I had been eyeing their eyeshadow palettes for quite awhile because I had heard that they were very pigmented and came in beautiful colors. I went ahead and purchased two different palettes: Storm and Oh So Special. After using them for a few months, I am finally ready to do a full review on them. 

Sleek iDivine Oh So Special: 
You can purchase this palette at this link. Here is what the palette looks like. I'm going to walk you through the different shades starting from the top left and working across to the end. 

Looking at the swatches from the left of my arm to the right:
The first shadow is a cream color that is completely matte. The color is somewhat powdery, but applies very beautifully to the lid. This color is great for an all over lid color for creating a vintage/pin up look. 
The second shadow is a shimmery pink. This color is buttery smooth.
The third shadow is a matte pink.
The fourth shadow is a coppery brown with shimmer.
The fifth shadow is a shimmery silver.
The sixth color is a shimmery burgandy color.
The second row colors:
The first color in this row is a matte pink that is quite light.
The second color is a pale shimmery pink.
The third color is a matte midtone brown.
The fourth color is a matte brown.
The fifth color is a a matte taupe.
The last color is a matte black.

Here is an upclose shot of one matte color and two shimmer from this palette. As you can see, the colors are very pigmented and the shimmer is not over the top. 

Sleek iDivine Storm: 
This palette can be purchased right here.

Looking at the swatches from the left of my arm to the right: 
First row:
The first color is a shimmery gold. 
The second color is a shimmery champagne color.
The third color is a matte light brown.
The fourth color is a another shimmery gold but is slightly lighter.
The fifth color is a shimmery peachy-pink.
The last color in that row is a metallic burgandy.

The second row:
The first color is a shimmery brown.
The second color is a shimmery charcoal silver.
The third color is a shimmery emerald green.
The fourth color is a shimmery navy blue.
The fifth color is a matte medium brown.
The last color is a matte black. 

Packaging: 9/10
The first thing I noticed about this product when I received it was the packaging. The palettes are small and compact. The front is black with the brand of the product printed on it. These palettes do get incredibly dirty over time. The palettes are flat and not very tall. I have traveled with these palettes and they were very easy to take with me. They fit into small places. The packaging is straight and to the point, which I like. 

Pigmentation:  10/10
The second area to touch on in this review is pigmentation. These shadows are incredibly pigmented. I do not need to use a white base to show up. It doesn't take a lot of product to get the desired level of opacity. These shadows are cheap, but you get a high level of pigmentation. I don't have any complaints on the pigmentation. 

Price: 10/10
These palettes retail for $9.99 on Sleek's website. This is very affordable and makes it easy to build up your eyeshadow collection. 

Texture: 8/10
The only reason these are getting a slightly lower score on texture is for the matte shadows. They are somewhat powdery. You have to be sure to tap off the excess off your brush before you apply them to your eyes. I don't find the fallout to be any worse than Urban Decay. The shimmery shadows are very, very buttery and smooth. They are very similar to Wet n Wild or Urban Decay. 

Variety: 10/10
I am giving these palettes a perfect score for variety. These two palettes have both shimmery and matte shadows, which makes it very easy to create an entire look using these palettes. I have created a variety of looks with these shadows. 

Lasting Power: 10/10
I find that over a primer, these shadows last just as long as my Urban Decay shadows and sometimes even longer. I do have oily lids if that helps to give some reference. 

Blendability: 10/10
I find that these shadows are very easy to blend and do not create a muddy mess on my eyes. 

Overall: 9/10
I would definitely recommend these shadows. They are comparable to Urban Decay and offer a variety of neutrals and brighter colors. There are several palettes from this line on the Sleek website that I plan to purchase in the future. I have found  myself reaching for these palettes almost every single day for the last two months. These palettes are a must have for the eyeshadow addict. 

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