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Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I was sick with the flu for several days. I do have some reviews, nails, and FOTD to post, so let me get started. I wanted to do a review on the Maybelline Color Tattoos since I have finally used them each enough to form a solid opinion. I have four different colors to review out of the entire collection. The colors I have from top left are Barely Branded, Tough as Taupe, Edgy Emerald, and Electric Blue. 

Swatches taken in the sunlight without primer

Swatches taken in natural light without flash without any primer 

Let's take a closer look at each of the colors:

Edgy Emerald - Part of the permanent line
Color has some shimmer to it.
Easy to work with/blends easily

Electric Blue - Metal Line - Limited Edition 
Color has shimmer to it.
Most difficult of the 4 to work with.
Have to keep adding to it to build up the intensity.

 Tough as Taupe - Permanent Line
**Color is matte.
Easiest to work with of the 4.
Makes a great base for any shadows.

 Barely Branded - Metal Line - Limited Edition
Color has shimmer to it.
Fairly easy to work with/blend.
Makes a great face highlighter (cheeks)


These eyeshadows are cream shadows that can be used as eyeshadow bases, colors on their own, highlighter (if you use Barely Branded), and can be used as eyeliner. They are supposed to last for 24hours, according to Maybelline. 

Color selection: 10/10

Maybelline has 9 permanent shades in the range. Their selection has orange, purple, gray, bronze, pomegranate, teal, gold, and emerald. They have released several limited edition colors. 

Pigmentation: 9/10

The Maybelline color tattoos are very pigmented. The only reason why I gave this section of the review a 9 instead of a 10 is that some of the colors lose a lot of their pigmentation once you try to blend them out. Electric Blue is definitely guilty of this. Just be aware that you may have to build up some of the colors to get the desired level of pigmentation. Fortunately, the colors are very buildable. 

Texture: 10/10

Color Tattoos have a very creamy, soft texture. The shadows do not feel heavy or like they are weighing down your lids at all. They go on smooth and feel comfortable all day. Barely branded is the only matte and I love the texture of it over the more shimmery colors. They have a slightly sticky texture that  makes eyeshadows cling onto it quite well. They make wonderful bases and can really help increase the wear time of your shadows.

Blendability: 8/10

Color Tattoos can be somewhat difficult to blend with a brush, but easily blend out with your finger. Make sure that you always use clean hands to avoid bacteria getting into your Tatoos. Electric Blue is the hardest to blend. It can become somewhat patchy when you are blending it. Of the four shades I own, Electric Blue has to have an eyeshadow over it to set it. 

Lasting Power: 9/10

I want to start off by saying that I have very oily lids. With that in mind, Tattoos do not last on me for 24 hours. I wear an eye primer under the Color Tattoos to get the longest life out of them. On a normal day of 8-10 hours, I do not find that I get any creasing on these. After about 11 hours I tend to start rubbing my eyes (bad habit I know!), so I cannot really say if it lasts too much longer than that. I find that Barely Branded creases the easiest on me. 

Packaging: 10/10

The containers that house the Color Tatoos are very sturdy and have a nice weight to them. The containers are made of glass and screw on very tightly. I love the packaging!

Overall thoughts: 9/10

I really love these Maybelline Color Tattoos. They hold up very well. The picture to the left shows what happened after I tried scrubbing the colors off with water. As you can see, the Tattoos hardly budged! I will definitely repurchase these when I run out. I especially love Tough as Taupe. I use it every single day. It really brings out the beauty of my Urban Decay Naked 2 shadows. I would definitely recommend.

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