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My most recent rave has got to be for the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. OMG I love these! These have to be the first lip color that I have tried that have actually lasted throughout most of the day.

Let's get into the review then!

I have purchased the above four of these. Honey, Sweetheart Valentine, Smitten, and Lovesick. Let's see some swatches before I go into my thoughts about them.   

Colors: 9/10 The colors are very vibrant and beautiful. They look very nice applied to the lips. I received several compliments while wearing Honey and Sweetheart Valentine. (I wore the other two mostly around the house). The only reason why I'd give the coloring 9/10 is that I don't think the colors are perfectly true to the packaging. Smitten looks darker in the packaging than it actually applies. This will really vary depending on your natural lip color. Overall, I love the colors. Here are the colors applied to my lips, so that you can compare how they actually look on.
                                                       Here's a photo of me without any makeup for reference. 

This is definitely the most wearable and work appropriate shade of the bunch. It took me forever to get my hands on it because it was constantly sold out wherever I looked. This color looks very similar on me to Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. This photo is taken in natural light without any flash. I think this color would be flattering on a lot of people.


This color is very bright and fun. I think it makes a good night out color. This photo was also taken in natural light outside without a flash. This color is a sort of fushia. I wouldn't wear this color everyday, but I think it is a really interesting color. It is definitely outside of the colors that I own or would normally wear.

Sweetheart Valentine: 

 I think this color would be work appropriate. I did wear this to work and receive several compliments. The color is softer than the previous color (Lovesick). This photo was taken in natural lighting, as well. I think the color is very flattering, especially when worn with a light peach blush and a neutral eye.

This is probably my favorite of the four.


This color is the darkest of the four that I bought. This photo was also taken in natural light without a flash. I think this color will be a nice color for fall. It's somewhere in between a dark pink and a plum-y color. I would also recommend wearing this color out on a date. I think it would be flattering with a little black dress.

Application: 10/10
I find that these are incredibly easy to apply. Their crayon-like design makes it easy to fill in my lips, especially in the corners of my mouth. The Balm Stains twist up from the bottom (silver part), making it easy to get more if you need it. You do not need to sharpen these (yay!).

Balm-qualities: 9.5/10
These do NOT dry out my lips, even after hours of wear. This is important for me because my lips dry out very, very easily. I am in a constant state of needing chapstick. I do not need chapstick. gloss over these, or anything else. They are fairly conditioning (not as much as the Revlon Lip Butters, but the color on these lasts a lot longer).

Lasting Power:  10/10
These are the first lip colors that I have found that ACTUALLY last. I am very lazy when it comes to lipstick. I do not like to reapply it. Maybe once a day I will actually be willing to reapply it, but that's about it.
I can eat and drink coffee and the color will stay on. It will not be AS vibrant, but the color doesn't set into lines and look crummy like most lipsticks do after you eat. The color also doesn't bleed horribly onto my coffee cup, eliminating that awkward moment when your coffee cup looks like it got attacked by a marker. Hours later, the color is still wearable. It just fades to a softer version of the original color. I have included this photo to illustrate the lasting power of these.

These are the same swatches from the above photo. This photo was taken in natural light in the same place as the other photo. I applied those swatches like 12 hours ago and washed my hands numerous times, yet you can still see the colors. It really takes a lot to get these off. Just keep that in mind if you want to wear a different lip color that same day.

Other things worth noting:
These do have a scent - they smell like peppermint. It is NOT overpowering and the scent only lasts when you are first applying them.
They are affordable ~ $7 at the drugstore.
Some people have reported a slight tingly feeling when applying the balm stains. I personally have not noticed that feeling.
They come in 12 shades, including a red!

Overall thoughts: 9.5/10
I really love these! I definitely plan on purchasing the other colors. I really wish I had bought these before I bought 90% of the other lip colors that I have. The colors are stunning and the color lasts for a really long time. I would recommend these for girls that are busy and don't want to waste time reapplying their lipstick or gloss all the time.

Thanks! Hope you guys enjoyed this review. Have you tried them? Leave your feedback below!

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