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Awhile back I purchased the Tarte Mattenficent Palette. I honestly thought that I had already done the review for you all, but I just realized that I hadn't actually finished writing it up. Now seems like a great time since this palette is Limited Edition and will probably be sold out before too long. 

The palette comes in this purple packaging that has a very colorfuly but earthy vibe to me. The outside box was nothing special or interesting and I promptly discarded it.

The actual palette is square and features that same purple design on it with the Tarte logo printed in Gold. I really like the gold touch of both the Tarte logo and the outside edge of the palette. I am really a fan of the packaging because it feels sturdy and would be ideal for traveling. That being said, I'm still not too crazy about the coloring. I'm not really a purple kind of person, so that may be why. The palette itself is very compact and features a large mirror that can stand up on its own. I find this very convenient!

The Tarte Mattenificent Palette features 6 eyeshadows, 1 blush, and 2 eyeshadow setting powders - all of which are matte. It's super rare for me to be attracted to mattes. I'm more of a shimmer girl myself, but these colors really stood out to me as something I could use for a lot of looks. This palette makes a great companion to the Laura Mercier Artist Palette due to the purpley undertones.

The palette also features a small brush, one side is flat for packing shadows and the other side is a blending brush. The blending brush does actually work in a pinch. It's not my favorite, but I did find that it worked for blending detailed areas due to its small size. The other end of the brush is not very dense, so I don't find it particularly useful.

Let me just leave a disclaimer here on the shadows: they have some weird overlay thing on them when you first use them. You have to get past that overly in order to get pigment! That being said, once you bust in past that, the shadows are very pigmented both on the arm for swatches and on the eye. They do feel very smooth and buttery. They do tend to kick up a little bit of powder in the pan, but it did not lead to any fallout problems for me. The shadows are less powdery than Lorac in my opinion.

I used both the shadows, blush, and black setting powder to create this look. I had no issues with blending any of them. The blush is definitely geared at lighter skin tones. I do not think it would show up on anyone who is too much darker than me (NC15). The blush color is very buildable, similar to other Tarte blushes. I do find the blush in this palette to be more powdery than other Tarte blushes. The formula of it almost seems softer than regular Tarte blushes.

Overall thoughts, I love this palette. I find myself wanting to use it a lot. I think that it is worth snagging up because it is all matte, is very pigmented, and is great for travel.

I give this palette an A -


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  1. OMG I just did a 90's grunge look for my blog that I'll be posting next week! Beanie, bold brow and bold lip! Love it!!

  2. Well that comment was supposed to go on the 90s inspired look post. But oops! ha!

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