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Today I have a review on the new Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Lipsticks. I picked up the three shades that jumped out at me the most - Vision in Violet, Mauve Mystique, and Caramel Infused. 

Maybelline's Website has this to say about the Color Elixir line:
"Fall under the spell of the elixir effect

Hyper-saturated color, ultra cushiony feel
The new hypnotic lip sensation." 

This line features 20 different shades, ranging from deep reds to nudes. I was actually quite pleased and shocked at the color range. It's usually hard for me to find shades that I like in collections. I didn't have that struggle this time around.


These three swatches were done on bare skin using the applicator from the tubes. Swatches are over NC15 skin and were taken inside in natural light without a flash. Pigmentation was quite impressive on the Color Elixirs. I didn't have any issues getting the product to show up on my lips. 

Caramel Infused

The first shade that I want to talk about is caramel infused. This pinky shade makes a great everyday color. It has a glossy finish that really seems to brighten up the face. 

Here's a lip swatch of the color.

As you can tell, the color did not go on patchy at all. It was very smooth and surprisingly easy to apply. The color saturated my lips and did not bleed out of the lines at all.

I've included a full face shot of the color so you can get a better idea of how it looks. Caramel Infused is definitely a color that I find myself reaching for a lot. It just looks good with so many different eyeshadow looks.

Vision in Violet

I saw this shade on a girl on a makeup forum and I was blown away by how vivid the color was. It just really stood out to me as a unique shade. 

Vision in Violet isn't a color that I'd use a lot, but it's a color I want in my collection. The application was easy and the shade was pigmented. That being said, it did take more swipes to get the full saturation compared to Caramel Infused. 

Vision in Violet also lasts the longest of any of the shades. I was able to eat and drink with just a little bit of fading. The color stayed on my lips and didn't bleed onto the rest of my face. That's always a fear of mine when I'm wearing bold lips. I don't want my entire face stained purple.

Mauve Mystique

The final color that I picked up was Mauve Mystique. I have been really into mauves lately, so I thought it would be a good addition to my growing mauve collection. 

Here's what Mauve Mystique looks like on the lips. You can tell it looks only slightly different than Caramel Infused. The color has a slight purple/mauvey undertone compared to Caramel Infused. The difference is hardly detectable once on my lips though. 


Pigmentation: 9.5/10
These are incredibly pigmented for being a liquid. It doesn't take many swipes to get the pigmentation that you want. The colors are fairly true to tube as well. 

Formula: 8/10
One thing I really love about the Color Elixirs is that they are not sticky like a gloss would be. They do become a little sticky after you eat and drink a lot. I'm not really sure why that happens though. 

Lasting Power: 6/10
As with most liquid products, the staying power on these is nothing magical. They last longer than a lip gloss would on me, but they aren't crazy good at staying on. Vision in Violet definitely lasts longer than the other two, though. 

Other Notes:
These do have a scent that is mild. They smell somewhat sweet and I find the scent to be enjoyable when I'm applying the product. The Color Elixirs are easy to reapply, which makes me reach for them quite often. They fade evenly and don't create a nasty patty mess on my face. 

Would I recommend these?
Yes! I think they are a good product and for the price they are worth it. If you like the shine of a gloss but hate the sticky texture, these are worth looking into. 

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