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Empty magnetic palettes. It seems like everyone has had them except for me. I've never really been into the whole depotting thing to be honest. It always seemed like too much work and seemed clunky with having all of these Z-palettes or whatever laying around. That being said, I did once get the crazy idea to depot some Wet n Wild shadows. It was a disaster.

I broke so many of the shadows and created a big mess. I stuffed them inside a wallet palette that I stuck some magnets inside. With the top part not being clear, my WnW shadows became neglected and forgotten. 

Now cue my birthday giftcard that I got from Mac. As most of you probably know, I love Mac products and have a lot of them. I had been eyeing this Pro Palette Single/Large for awhile. It looked classier than the Z palettes and only retailed for $8. I thought to myself, WHAT A STEAL! I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the empty palette, hoping my Wet n Wild shadows could find a new home.

As you can see from the above photo, they did indeed find a new home. Now, onto the review. This palette feels sturdy to me. It allows magnets to stick to it, but you have to attach a magnetic strip to your shadows. Thankfully, I had already done that with my Wet n Wild shadows. The Mac single pan shadows come with magnets on them, so that is a time saver for me. The top of the palette is clear, while the rest is a matte black and features the "Mac" logo in the center. I really think this palette looks classier than a Z-palette. 

I can see myself traveling with this palette. It seems sturdy and looks adorable with all of my colorful eyeshadows inside. For $8, this is practically a steal. I would recommend.

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