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I'm super excited about today's post - it is all about Mac's lipstick in Heroine. This lipstick has been released into the permanent collection. Since it's not limited edition, we actually have some time to see if it is worth purchasing. Keep reading down below for swatches and my thoughts!

Heroine comes in the standard Mac lipstick bullet. The name Heroine and the matte finish are written on the bottom of the container. All standard for Mac lipsticks. 

When you open up the lipstick, this is what you see. The lipstick is a bright purple that Mac describes as a, “bright violet/purple.” I would say this is a pretty accurate description. Although the finish is considered a matte, I find that the formula feels more like a satin. It's not as drying or matte as the other lipsticks in Mac's matte line. The lipstick glides easily onto the lips, without tugging. It's very comfortable to wear. 

Here is a swatch of Heroine over NC 15 skin. My tone tends to be fairly neutral if that helps you get an idea how warm or cool the color leans. The lipstick has somewhat reddish undertones. When the lipstick starts to wear off, it pulls more pink on me. I think Heroine would be flattering on a variety of skin tones, from light to dark.

Now, let's get onto how it looks on my lips. Above is a photo of my lips without anything on them. They are fairly pigmented on their own.

Here's Mac's Heroine freshly applied onto my lips. I have to say that the lipstick swatches pigmented but takes several swipes to get an even application. I noticed that I had to build it up more on the very inner part of my lips (near my teeth). It seemed to have more trouble sticking there. That being said, it wasn't that big of a deal, it just took me longer to apply the lipstick.

I really liked how this lipstick made my teeth look whiter. It was a nice surprise. I didn't notice the lipstick settling into lines or looking bad as a wore it. It continued to look vibrant, but I did notice fading in the middle of my lips.

This photo was taken about 3 hours later.I noticed fading on the lips after about 3 hours when I drank some water. The rest of the lipstick did stay on for about 3 more hours before I felt like it looked bad enough to remove. That was about 6 hours without eating that it lasted for. It didn't hold up that well to liquids. I have better staying power with some of Mac's other mattes like Russian Red or Diva. It is probably due to the more satin-y nature of Heroine.

8/10 - takes awhile to build it up
9/10 - loses a point for not holding up as well to water
Settling into lines:
10/10 - no issues there
10/10 - didn't feather at all even without a lip liner
10/10 - the color remains vibrant and is flattering

The bottom line:
I would recommend this lipstick. It is comfortable to wear, looks great, and holds up fairly well throughout the day. For $15, I'd say Mac's Heroine is worth it!

Have you purchased Heroine? Let me know down below!

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