Posted by : SealedwithaSwatch Monday, October 21, 2013

I've been struggling with my hair since it was purple. Even after getting trims, my hair was getting very, very dried out. I tried a whole range of shampoos and conditioners - from drugstore to Biolage found at Ulta. Nothing seemed to be really helping.

I was in denial about my hair.

I figured I could just keep growing it out, even though it was getting into horrible knots that would require me to rip sections of my hair out to actually get the knot out. Not only was it getting painful, but I was ready for a change. 

I promptly grabbed my cellular phone and called up Ulta to schedule a hair appointment. I was really nervous about how much hair would have to come off of my head. I braced myself for the worst and brought a photo of a bob and a photo of a pixie cut in. I figured with both photos with me, I couldn't go wrong.

My stylist immediately noticed how dry and damaged my hair was. She asked me how much heat I used on my hair. When I responded with none she was pretty shocked. I told her to tell me the honest trust about how much had to come off. She said 1 1/2 to 2 inches. I was definitely a bit relieved that I didn't need to lose too much hair.

I showed her the photo of the bob that I brought with me and we both agreed that it would look super cute on me. The above was the result of the haircut. I am very excited and happy with the results. I feel so refreshed and ready for Fall!

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