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Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how to create this look using Lorac's Pro Palette. If you want to see a step by step tutorial, keep reading. 

Start off with your bare eye.

Step 1: Selecting/Laying Down a Base
I thought it would be fun to darken up the original look I had in my head by selecting a darker base. I chose Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe. This base will act as our primer and will give our soft shadows something to stick to.

Step 1 cont'd: Laying down the base
For this step I am using my clean finger to apply the base. You want to just stick your finger into the pot and get some color out. Try not to get too much, as it will become harder to work with.

Step 1 cont'd: Apply the base
Gently using your ring finger, apply the base to your eye. Try not to tug or pull on your eye. Gently blend it out with your finger. Don't worry too much about how the base looks when it is down. It's just going to be covered up anyway.

Step 2: Inner Corner Highlight
I'm going to use this flat eyeshadow brush to apply my inner highlight color. This one is by Sigma and is one of my favorites.

Step 2 cont'd: Selecting inner corner highlight color
I decided to use a matte for the inner corner just to switch things up. I'm using cream from the Lorac Pro palette.

Step 2 cont'd: Laying down the innercorner
Using our flat shadow brush, we are going to gently pat on the inner corner highlight in a shape similar to what you see above. I like to bring the inner corner in a little more to help me blend out my second lid color. Make sure you tap off your brush to avoid fallout.

Step 3: Main Lid Color
For the main lid, I have selected Garnet from the Lorac Pro. This color is really pretty and very Fall appropriate. For this step, you will need your same flat eyeshadow brush to pack on the color.

Step 3 cont'd
You want to pack the color on in roughly the pattern shown above. Garnet should overlap the original inner corner color we put on in order to make the transition look blended and lovely. Bring the color just to the crease, no higher.

Step 4: Outer Lid Color
For the outer lid, I have selected gold. I think it pairs very well with Garnet. 

Step 4 cont'd
Taking your flat shadow brush, pack the color on the outer part of the lid as it shows in the dotted lines.

Step 5: Defining Your Crease
To define the crease, we are going to select a warm, deep brown. Sable from Lorac Pro is perfect for this. The warmer brown pairs very well with the warm tones in Garnet and Gold.

Step 5 cont'd: Crease Brush
To place the color in the crease, I am using this dome shaped crease brush by Sigma. The tapered end allows you to have more control over where you place the color.

Step 5 cont'd Placing the Crease
You want to place your crease color in a shape similar to the one shown above. Since I have hooded/deep set eyes, I am going to place this a little bit above my natural crease.

Step 6: Blending the Crease
For this step, I am going to select this blending brush from Sigma. Feel free to use whatever blending brush you prefer. 

Step 6 cont'd
The crease should look something like this when you have finished blending it.

Step 7: Darkening the Outer V
To deepen up the outer portion of the eye, we are going to use a matte black shadow.

Step 7 cont'd
You will want some kind of flat definer brush for this step.

Step 7 cont'd: Creating a V shape
To deepen up the outer corner of the eye, we are going to draw a V shape at the outer portion of the eye. We are also going to extend the black to about 3/4 of the way across the lower lash line. This will help deepen the look and make everything look more complete.

Step 8: Blending Outer V
Blend that corner out so it looks like this

Step 9: Inner Corner/Lower Lashline Highlight
To brighten up the lower lashline, we are going to use this shimmery nude color.

Step 9 Cont'd
I like to place the highlight with this flat brush by Hakuhoodo. 

Step 9 cont'd
You want to place the shimmery nude across the eye about halfway so it overlaps with the black. This will help blend everything together and brighten up the eye. Follow the shape seen above.

Step 10: Wing it Out
Go ahead and do whatever type of eyeliner you prefer. I chose to use Inglot Gel liner to create a black wing.

Step 11: Mascara

When you are all finished, the look should be something like this. 

Let me know what you think down below!

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