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So, there are numerous neutral palettes on the makeup market at a variety of price ranges. How on Earth are you supposed to decide? For me, I didn't decide and instead have several different palettes. Today, I am going to review one of my favorites the Lorac Pro Palette. I truly believe this is the most versatile palette that I own. Keep reading to find out why I love it so much!

The Lorac Pro Palette featured in the above photo features 16 shadows, 8 matte and 8 shimmer. All of the mattes are true mattes and do not have any sheen/sparkle/shine to them. The Pro Palette has a good color range, going from white and creams to a reddish color, all the way to black. With such a variety of shades and finishes, you can truly create a lot of looks out of a single palette. For this reason, I tend to reach for this palette more than most of my other neutral palettes. I also like to take this palette with me when I travel.

Let's take a look at the shadows up close and personal. 

The first four shadows on the far left of the palette are White, Cream, Nude, and Champagne. These colors are great for highlighters or great as an all over lid color. They are all very pigmented as you will see in the swatches below.

These swatches were taken over bare skin without any base at all. The above swatches were taken outside in natural lighting without any flash. You can see that each of the shadows is very pigmented and shows up well, even though they are light colors. 

These swatches were also taken in natural lighting, but these were taken in the sunlight without a flash. You can see that the shimmer really shows up well on the two shadows on the right. 

The next four shadows are Taupe, Lt. Pink, Gold, and Lt. Bronze. 

These shadows were taken in natural lighting without any base or without flash. You can see how vibrant gold is. It is probably the most pigmented shadow of the entire palette. If you are looking for a bold gold color, I would definitely go for this shade. No issues with pigmentation on any of these shadows. They all go on buttery smooth.

These shadows were all taken in natural lighting outside in the sunlight. No base or primer was used.

The next four shadows are Mauve, Sable, Pewter, and Garnet. For the record, Pewter and Garnet are my favorite shadows in the whole palette. 

These shadows were taken in natural lighting without any base or without flash. All four of these are very pigmented. You can see how gorgeous Pewter and Garnet are. I think that Garnet is a very unique shadow. I do not have any colors exactly like it.

These swatches were taken outside in the sunlight as well. Pewter and Garnet show their true beauty in the sunlight. They both have gorgeous shimmer that really makes them stand out. If you are looking for a more wearable color on the red spectrum, I would highly recommend Garnet.

The last four colors in Lorac Pro are Espresso, Black, Deep Purple, and Slate. These are the darkest colors of the palette. 

These swatches were also taken on bare skin with no primer and were taken outside in the shade. I'm not sure this swatch really does Espresso justice. It is a gorgeous deep brown that is great for defining the outer crease or outer V. Black is your standard black shadow. Deep Purple is my least favorite color of the whole palette. I don't think it blends as well as the others and it tends to get muddy on me. Slate is a nice gray if you are looking for one.

These swatches were taken outside in the sunlight. You can see that slate really stands out with its shimmer. It would be a great shade for doing a smokey eye for a night out.

Now that we have seen the swatches, let's talk more about Lorac Pro. 

Cost: Lorac Pro retails for $42 at Sephora and Ulta. You can also order the palette from Lorac's website.

Packing: Lorac Pro comes in a long, flat package that doesn't have the strongest magnets. It hasn't opened up on me, but I am sure it could happen. The outside tends to get very dirty due to the material it is made of. Just keep that in mind. I like how sleek the packaging is because it makes it very easy to travel with.

Shadow Quality: I think that Lorac has some of the softest shadows of any brand. With that in mind, some of the mattes can be a little powdery. I don't think that powdery is necessary always a bad thing. Just make sure that you tap off your brush before you pat it onto your eye to reduce fallout. I feel like the shadows feel very buttery and I enjoy putting them on my eyes for that reason.

Blendability: I think that every shadow, minus Deep Purple, blends very well. I've never had any issues blending any Lorac shadows. They are easy to work with and some of my favorites. 

Fallout: I do not find that I get very much fallout with this palette. It is possible to get fallout if you do not tap off your brush first. I always tap my brush before I put any shadows onto my eye. It is just my habit. I also find that Lorac has less fallout than Urban Decay. 

Would I recommend this palette, YES, 1000x yes. It is very versatile, has little fallout, and is easy to travel with. The shadows feel luxurious and nice on the eyes. I would repurchase this palette time and time again.

Bonus! A photo of the Lorac Pro in action! 

I primarily used Pewter all over the lid for this look. You can see how gorgeous it is!

Have Lorac Pro? Let me know what you think!

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