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We all have a color family that we tend to gravitate towards - whether it is greens, golds, pinks, purples, or whatever else really. That color family for me are rose golds. I'm a huge sucker for them, as I find that they really compliment both my NC15 skin and my brown eyes. When I found out that there was going to be a rose gold palette, I immediately felt the urge to buy it. I was hesitant at first because Urban Decay does not always make the best eyeshadows. I tend to get fallout a lot, which is something I prefer to avoid at all costs. The fallout aspect made me shy away from the palette on launch day.

I would say I was a little slower to warm up to this palette, I even pondered returning it at times. I'm really glad that I didn't because I actually find myself reaching for Naked 3 a lot. Let me just show you what I mean.

Outside Packaging: 9/10

I found the little box that the palette come in to be cute. It features the Naked 3 logo printed in a shiny gold. It also shows the shadow colors on the box, which I think is pretty helpful. Nothing more to really say about the box, I'm afraid. 

Palette Packaging 10/10

I've always been a big fan of tin packaging that snaps closed. I think it's more secure and durable than any of the other palettes I own (other than Naked 2 of course!). The packaging gives me peace of mind with traveling, which means that this puppy will travel with me on probably every single trip that I go on. I like that there is room to put a brush, even if you choose not to use the brush from the palette. I'm not super crazy about the waves in the packaging. I wish it was just flat, but that's more of a nitpicky thing. 

The shadows: 

Naked 3 features 12 shadows that all have a rosey undertone to them. Some are more rosey than others, such as Buzz and Burnout. Other shades like Factory are less rosey. The palette only features 2 mattes, which I find a little disappointing. I think UD makes good mattes, but they never want to put them into palettes. If they made a matte rose gold palette, I'd scoop that up so fast. 

It is important to point out that there is one complete dud shadow in this palette, which would be Dust. I get little to no actual color pay off from that shadow. I will get some glittery fallout, but the actual color is lost. I have heard that some other people are able to get color pay off, so I'm not sure if I just received a dud palette or not.


I've decided to show off three different photos of the swatches to make sure that you all get a good idea of what the colors actually look like.

Let's start with this photo taken inside of the swatches. All of these swatches were taken on bare skin without any base or primer. I swiped my finger 2x in each of the shadows. It's interesting that you can see some color pay off with dust in the swatch because it does not transfer well to the eyes at all. Only the glitter really transfers.

This set of swatches were taken outside with no flash. I like this photo because I feel like it actually shows off the undertones of the shadows really well. You can really capture the shine to the shadows as well.

And last but not least, this photo was taken indoors with flash. I think taking one with flash is a good idea because it shows how well the shine will pick up on camera. Mugshot (third from the right) has a really good shine to it that this photo really captures.

Pigmentation: 9/10
The reason why Naked 3 loses one point for pigmentation is that Dust is really a dud color for me. The actually shadow has very little colored pigment to it once applied to the eyes. The rest of the colors are incredibly pigmented and transfer very well to the eyes for me.

Blendability: 9/10
I think that these shadows all blend pretty well. Sometimes when I blend Blackheart, it can really get messy fast and not show up as vibrantly. The rest of the colors have no blending issues for me.

The Bottom Line:
If you want a rose toned palette with good color payoff that you will reach for a lot, I'd highly recommend this palette. The colors are gorgeous on pale skin and really allow you to create a gorgeous everyday look.


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