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Do you ever just look at an eyeshadow and immediately fall in love? I had a moment where I spotted a shadow across the makeup counter. It's shimmer glistened in the florescent lights and I immediately approached the shadow. I quickly swatched the shadow, hoping the texture would deliver. That's when I found the softest, most satin-y eyeshadows I have ever laid my swatch finger on. I'm talking about African Violet from the Laura Mercier Artist Palette for Eyes 2013. This palette is limited edition but can still be found in select Sephoras across the USA. The palette originally retailed for $48 at Sephora online and in store. I thought this was a steal for the quality of the shadows. I promptly ordered it with my Friends and Family sale coupon in November.

The LM Artist Palette for Eyes 2013 came in this adorable box. I really love all of the little drawings on the box.

 Once I opened up the box, a classy, texturized brown palette was revealed. The palette really reminds me of a clutch that you would take to go out for a night with your gal pals. The palette contains a very large mirror with the "Laura Mercier" name on the lower right corner of the mirror. I thought it was a really nice touch.

The LM Artist Palette comes with 12 shadows in a variety of hues. The top row leans very purple, while the bottom row leans more brown. There are a few peachy colors in there, as well. I feel like this palette had a really good mixture of textures. There are mattes, shimmers, and satins. 

 What really blows me away by this palette is how the shadows feel. They feel very smooth and buttery. They are not powdery at all, even the mattes. They really glide onto the fingers and onto the eyes. Despite how soft the shadows are, I do not experience any fallout with the palette, even with the more shimmery shades. This palette really delivers on feeling luxurious. I've tried higher end shadows that cost more and longed for a texture similar to this Artist Palette. It's FINALLY what I've expected in an eyeshadow palette.

 Now let's take a peek at the swatches. All of these eyeshadows were swatched over bare skin without any primer. Every single shadow is pigmented and buttery. They truly glide onto the skin, even when swatching.
Some standout shadows for me are African Violet, Primrose, Bamboo, and Plum Smoke. They are just my favorites and I tend to reach for them the most out of this palette.

So, let's talk blendability. I'm not going to lie, this palette blends flawlessly each time. The shadows all work together easily, even the matte black. It's easy to get a soft, romantic look from this palette every time. I really cannot talk this palette up enough. The Artist Palette is my favorite palette in my collection, and I have worn it almost exclusively since purchasing it. I would HIGHLY recommend trying to locate this palette. You will not regret it. 

And lastly, here's a photo of the artist palette in action on my eyes. You can see that the colors just seem to go so naturally on the eye. No issues with blending, fallout, or versatility. I rate this palette 10/10.

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