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I have been signed up to BzzAgent for awhile, but I had not received any beauty related products to try - until now! The way it works is that you sign up and are sent products for free to review and recommend to friends. You can check out the website here to get a better idea

I was sent the Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme foundation in Classic Ivory to test out. I love trying out new products, especially foundations because it is really difficult to find the perfect foundation. As most of you know, I use Mac Pro Longwear foundation in NC15 everyday and I absolutely love it. Let's see how this whipped creme foundation compares. 


The foundation comes in a little jar. I'm not really a fan of jar type foundations for sanitary reasons. If you dip your brush back into it, the foundation can get kind of nasty. If you put it on the back of your hand, you waste some product. Lose, lose situation on the packing. The jar is made of glass and has a good weight to it. 


The actual product is definitely a whipped formula. It feels light weight and airy when applied to the skin. It hardly even feels like you are wearing anything. This is a huge plus over the Mac foundation that I wear. You get 0.6 fl oz of product, which is less than most foundations. 


You can see what the foundation looks like here. The second photo is it slightly blended out. I simply dipped a clean finger into the product for a swatch. 

You can tell that the product really diffuses well over the skin. A small amount of the product was able to cover a fairly large area of my wrist/arm. The foundation blends very easily, with minimal effort. 

Here's the product completely blended out. You can hardly tell a difference. The skin looks somewhat smoother, but it is more difficult to detect the subtleties on the arm. Since it is so hard to detect, let's see what it looks like on the face.

Here's a photo of my bare face for comparison. You can see there is some discoloration going on. I also have very large pores, especially on my nose. The skin tone is very uneven, which is a lot of the reason that I feel the need to wear foundation. I tend to look "sickly" without foundation for this reason. My undereye bags are also pretty bad.

I used a Sigma F80 foundation brush to gently buff the Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme foundation into my skin. The foundation went on fairly sheer and required several layers to achieve the desired coverage that I wanted. That being said, the foundation did layer up well. Each layer was easy to blend in and the coverage did build up. The above photo is with just foundation, no concealer. You can see that the foundation really evened out my skin tone and filled in most of my pores. 

The rest of my makeup layered over the foundation really easily too. I had no issues blending my blusher or contour color. The finish of the Whipped Creme is almost satin. It feels very smooth and silky on the skin, which makes it really comfortable to wear.

Here's the finished look with the foundation on. I'll check back in when the foundation has been on for a few hours.

A few hours in: 
You can already see that the Whipped Creme foundation is beginning to oxidize and get oily around my T-zone (see my nose for reference). The rest looks pretty decent but watch what happens as the day continues on.

Another check up awhile later:
HELLO OXIDATION. I'm not sure how obvious it is in the photo, but in person it was very obvious that my face was 1-2 shades darker. I was about to go into work and was mortified by the sight of this foundation. It was also continuing to get oily. I bowed my head and hoped that nobody would notice the color difference.

End of the day:

As the day came to a close, I was more than ready to take off this foundation. My skin felt greasy and nasty and my face was way too dark for my neck. My blusher was also started to melt off as a result. Most of my face looked as if it did not have any makeup left on it. What a let down.

I give this product 4/10 because it may work better on less oily skin. The texture and finish of the foundation was nice, but the oxidation and oil were a big no-no for me.

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