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We all have those days where we look into the mirror and think to ourselves that we do not want to wear makeup for the day. Maybe we are feeling lazy or maybe we just do not want to feel like we are wearing a lot of makeup. Today's tutorial was a challenge given to me by Nichole from Pretty Girl Science. She challenged me to do a no makeup makeup tutorial using 8 products max (not including primers and setting sprays). I truly thought this was going to be impossible! Let's see how I did with the challenge and get onto the tutorial!

Step 1: Start out with your bare eye. 
You can see that I have some discoloration on my eye today. 

Step 2: Prime your eyes
I'm using my favorite primer, Urban Decay Primer Potion. Apply a couple of dots of primer to your eye and gently blend it out using your ring finger. The ring finger is great to use because it applies less pressure to the delicate areas of your eye.

Step 3: Matte Fleshtone Eyeshadow
For our lid color, you are going to want something that is similar to your skin tone. This will just help cancel out any remaining redness or discoloration on the eye. We do not want it to be obvious that we are wearing eyeshadow. For this step, I selected the eyeshadow on the left, which is from the Kat Von D Ladybird palette.

Step 3 cont'd: Applying the Shadow
To apply the fleshtone eyeshadow to my lids, I used a flat shader brush that is shown above. This one is by Sigma, but feel free to use whatever brush you prefer for packing on color. I used gentle patting motions to build up the intensity of the shadow and applied it all over my lid. 

Step 3 end result:
The result of step three should look like the photo shown above. As you can tell, the fleshtone eyeshadow really helped cancel out the discoloration that I had on my eyelids.

Step 4: Eyebrows: Selecting a Brush
I decided to use this angled brush by Hakuhoodo. It picks up color well and allows me to create little strokes. Any angled brush will do.

Step 4 cont'd: Filling in Brows
For this step, just fill in your brows with a LIGHT hand. You want your brows to look polished, but not drawn in too much. I filled in my brows using the color on the right of the photo below. 

This is a taupey brown from Kat Von D Ladybird palette. It was surprisingly a good color match for my brows. I use gentle upward strokes to fake little eyebrow hairs.

Step 5: Crease Color/Brush Selection
In order to contour the eye, I decided to use the same color that I used in my brows to gently fake a crease. Any light brown or taupe will do. I decided to use this E25 Brush from Sigma (Dupe for Mac 217). I used gentle windshield wiper motions to add just a bit of color. 

I applied the color in the dotted area shown. 

Step 6: Mascara
I wanted to use a mascara that was lengthening and not too overpowering. I selected Mary Kay Lash love mascara for this step. Feel free to use any mascara that you prefer. 

Step 7: Foundation/BB Cream
For the skin, I decided to go with a lighter coverage than my normal look to keep the skin looking fresh and light handed. I selected my Ren Satin Perfection BB Cream in Light-Medium.

I gently applied the BB cream to my face using my fingers. Be sure to blend down the neck a little bit to make sure everything looks cohesive. When I was all done applying the BB cream, my face looked like the photo above.

Step 8: Concealer
Since I have pretty bad undereyes, I definitely wanted to conceal them with a good concealer. I am using MUFE Full Cover Concealer for this step.

I applied concealer in the areas/shapes seen in the photo above. You want to make sure that you apply your concealer in a triangular shape to cover up the under eye circles/bags the best. 

Step 9: Powder
To set my concealer and BB cream, I selected my favorite setting powder: Mac Blotting Powder. Use any powder that you prefer.

Step 9 cont'd: Powder Brush/Setting Makeup
To set my makeup, I like to use this giant soft brush from Sephora with my powder. I dust my brush into the powder and gently pat the areas with concealer. Sweeping motions will take away product, which is not what we want to do. Gently pat/press the powder brush into the skin to set your makeup.

Step 10: Refreshing the face
After I apply powder, I like to take away the powdery look by spraying my face with Mac Fix+. It really helps the face look more refreshed and less cakey or heavy.

Step 10 cont'd
All refreshed!

Step 11: Lipstick
Since we are going with a No Makeup makeup look, I wanted to select a MLBB shade. I chose Flower's Petal Kiss. The color is shockingly close to my natural lip color. The matte finish helps the lipstick last longer on me.

Step 11 cont'd
Here's what the lipstick looks like on!

Step 12: Blusher
To apply my blusher, I am using an angled blush brush by Sigma (the F40). For my blush, I selected a pink blusher from my Sephora trio. Gently apply the blusher to your cheeks. Make sure you do this with a light hand just to put some color into the face. We do not want the blusher to be too obvious!

All done! That concludes this tutorial. be sure to let me know what you think down below!

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